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In the beginning, I was a lowly undergrad at Williams College. In 1991 I became a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Intelligent Systems area. I defended my thesis work on January 21, 1997.

After that, I worked at the the DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology Center, Telematics Research Group in sunny Palo Alto, until December 5, 2003.

Then, I worked at The Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise, affiliated with the Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information. My main project is a DARPA grant that involves automatic learning of complex hierarchical tasks.

In March 2005 I moved to a startup called Circumnav Networks. There, the plan was to connect the car to the Internet and provide some useful services. We renamed ourselves to Dash Navigation and eventually released a product called the Dash Express. The product was an industry first in several ways, but sales weren't too good and we eventually sold out to Research In Motion, where we were tasked with replicating the best features of the Dash Express on the Blackberry platform.

Institution Degree Date Major
Williams College BA June 1991 Computer Science
University of Michigan PhD January 1997 Computer Science and Engineering

Current Work

Crowd-sourced navigation and traffic solutions for the Blackberry smartphone. Our current product is Blackberry Traffic, available on App World.

Former Work

Before Dash was acquired by Research In Motion, I built a traffic procssing module to aggregate data from different sources into a single model, offline processing tools to create historical model that is smooth and complete with limited data, and a prediction library that estimates travel times for arbitrary times and road segments.

At Stanford, I worked on a project to learn complex problem-solving behavior such as game-playing, using the Icarus cognitive architecture.

At DC RTC, my research group is working on improving the driving environment, with the ultimate goal of providing an option for a future model of Mercedes cars. We are also working on automatic digital map improvement using GPS data. See my papers in the publications section.

I'm also doing contracting work for creating personalized software interfaces to information or ecommerce systems. Contact me for more information.


For my thesis, I worked with John Laird and Paul Nielsen in the Soar group. My thesis research (abstract) concerned symbolic function approximation for controlling physical systems. The system uses the Soar architecture for general cognition.

I gave a talk on my research at Stanford on March 12, 1997, at the Seminar on Computational Learning and Adaptation. Here is the abstract.

Contacting Me

Dash Navigation, Inc.
888 Ross Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Phone 408-543-2900 Ext. 1051
Fax 408-400-0939 (Mark my name)
Work Email srogers@dash.net
Private Email seth@sun-rogers.com


Web Stuff

I worked on the following two web sites:

Special Issue of Computational Intelligence on "Learning to Improve Reasoning"

2000 AAAI Spring Symposium on Adaptive User Interfaces

On-line publications (most recent first)

Other Seth Rogers on the web

It was a suprise to see how much of my life is documented on the web, especially things I didn't know about. Apparently I am a:
  1. Hockey player
  2. Rabbit breeder
  3. Mentally ill and shot(!) (Strangely, this is a slightly different name)
  4. Flow cytometrist (?)
  5. Kiosk enclosure manufacturer
  6. And more!
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